We met in Europe during a study abroad trip. The first time we spoke was in London on a train to Paddington station. But I remember falling for Andrew in Austria.

We had hung back from the group of 20 or so other students as we walked the streets of Salzburg. Andrew and I were having a causal conversation and he started to joke around. By the end of the tour I had tears running down my cheeks from laughing and butterflies in my stomach.

A year before the trip I had had my heart broken, as a relationship I thought would last forever ended. In that moment countries away with a boy I had just met, God started to show me how much bigger and more beautiful his plans are than my own.

Don’t lose hope because there is a man whose love for you is reckless and everlasting. No matter where you are at in life find rest in the fact that God has amazing plans for you. He desires to give you the longings of your heart.

Photos By: Matt Kennelly at Fort Vanity