Andrew and I met at the end of our junior year of college. I was a mess to say the least. I was about to graduate and was unsure of what I would be doing after college. I had gone through a bad break up the year before and was still nursing a broken heart.

Andrew was confident, he knew what he wanted and that happened to be me. We dated off and on all senior year mostly because I was unsure and scared. We broke up the summer after college. I had treated him pretty poorly. But he followed me up to Seattle anyways to take some software development classes and see me again. He denied he came to see me at the time, but he did. A few months after he moved up to Seattle, he sent me a simple text saying I want to see you.

As I sat on the couch last night and looked at my sweet husband typing away. I thought back to those hard days when I didn’t know what I wanted, but he kindly pursued me anyways. When everyone thought I wasn’t worth it, Andrew kept after me. Even when I couldn’t see the worth within myself Andrew did. It reminded me of how God loves us and how God pursues us.

Today where ever you are at don’t forget that there is a man out there that sees your worth. His name is Jesus and he is knocking on the doors of your heart. You just have to take a minute to look up from the muck of life to see that he is right there loving you and pursuing you. No matter what you have done or will do in the future God will never stop loving you.

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