• Two of my favorite things about the month of June are peonies and peaches. The market downtown is filled with the prettiest colored peonies and there is always someone giving out slices of juicy peaches, it is truly wonderful.
  • What are your thoughts on eating the top of your wedding cake on your one year anniversary? Andrew and I forgot to eat our cake on our one year anniversary so we ate it at 2 and 1/2 years (oops). Andrew says eating year old cake is gross and eating 2 and 1/2 year old cake is really gross. I love this tradition though. Our wedding cake was still delicious 😋 and anything that involves cake I am all for. 
  • I love plants! Anyone else? However I cannot keep house plants alive. I don’t know why but even succulents die. I basically just keep buying plants and then watching them die. I just bought a fiddle leaf fig tree though and my goal is to actually keep it alive. If anyone has tips let me know. It has been about a month and so far it looks happy.
  • One of my favorite things right now is going on walks. The weather in Seattle is perfect for walking. We live right next to a beautiful paved trail and a lake. I have been spending time almost everyday going on a short walk and it has been one of the cheapest, simplest, and best parts of this spring. 
  • I have been listening to a crime podcast called Doctor Death and I am hooked. I think it came out a long time ago but I discovered it recently and it was such a crazy listen. I listened to all of it in a few days. 

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