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June 2019

Short & Sweet


In March my dad bought a pickleball net and paddles. It has become one of my favorite summer activities. On Sundays we pile into a car, all seven of us, and drive down to a park nearby. In Seattle there are a number of local parks that have pickleball courts…

Short & Sweet

Summer Bucket List:

Here are a few things that are on my summer bucket list: Spend the day paddle boarding on lake Washington and drinking lemonade from Aloha. I actually did this last weekend, it was so fun! The paddle board rental place has a lot of rental options and the process was…


Instagram Round-up

Happy Thursday friends! Today‚Äôs blog post is a round-up of my outfits on Instagram. There are some great sales and I hope you enjoy shopping these outfits. This dress is really comfy and lightweight. Plus I love the color. I have been wearing the hat in the first picture all…

Short & Sweet

James Bond

Andrew and I have been watching the James Bond 007 movies lately. It has been such a fun way to hangout together after work. I hardly ever make it to the end of the movie though because I am so tired. I always fall asleep. This happens to me during…