I am so excited! I took a pregnancy test on a Wednesday night thinking there was no way it would be positive, but guess what is said pregnant! So I drove to the drug store and took four more, sure enough they were all positive! I was so excited but I wanted to tell Andrew in a cute way. The next day after work I went to the store and bought balloons that said baby and little baby shoes. I decorated our bedroom to surprise him when he got home! It was so much fun telling him and he is so happy. I still cannot believe we are parents and going to be holding a little baby in less than six months. It is the best! 

About a week after we found out I had my first ultrasound. I had it pretty early at around six weeks pregnant and I am so glad I did. I don’t think I really believed I was pregnant until I saw our sweet little baby for the first time. I have had one other ultrasound since and I completely understand how parents think their baby is the cutest. I couldn’t stop telling my doctor how cute our baby was on the ultrasound haha. She probably thinks I am crazy for thinking a blurry grey image is cute but I do. We are so excited and so in love already with our baby!

All photos by Lauren Neely Photography

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