I am still so excited that Andrew and I are having a baby! I was totally surprised. I always thought I would know if I was pregnant before getting a positive test. I had no idea, I thought the test would for sure be negative. I honestly didn’t really believe it until my first ultrasound, even though at that point I had all the symptoms. I wanted to be pregnant, but getting the positive pregnancy test was truly the biggest and best surprise. 

Just a warning I spent the first trimester of pregnancy sick, if you hate hearing about that don’t keep reading. We found out Labor Day weekend and at the time I felt completely normal. I worked out all that first week and then Thursday came and I officially had morning sickness. I was sick in the morning, nauseous all day, and the most tired I have ever been. My daily routine was get up, throw up, go to work, come home, lay on the couch, move to the bed, repeat haha. I really couldn’t do much more than work in a day. I spent a lot of time at work trying to decide if I was going to get sick again or not. I was hardly eating which I do not recommend. I wasn’t eating much because I didn’t feel good, but I learned later that having something small to eat actually helps with the nausea. I didn’t believe it at first but it worked.

Luckily I didn’t feel awful for long. I got energy back around week 10 and the nausea died down at the same time. I stopped getting sick around 12 weeks and I have felt pretty normal since, yay! I am so impressed by any woman that is sick all 9 months. My Grandma said she was sick her whole pregnancy and she worked full time during the entire pregnancy, she is amazing! If you aren’t feeling good here are some tips I used:

  1. Snack on small light foods. I kept crackers by my bed and would eat a few every morning right when I got up.
  2. These Preggie Pop Drops saved my life! I have also heard people love the ginger sucks. But I did not want ginger.
  3. Lastly I drank lots of water which helped.

After I started to feel better came the fun part. I started to research ways to announce the news. I knew I wanted photos or a video to share on social media. I love Lauren’s work and she is my friend so she was the first photographer I asked and she had an opening (see announcement post here)! I also looked up cute ideas on Pinterest and Etsy. The calendar linked here is what we sent to our family to share the news with them. I am sooooo glad I did this. It turned out so cute was totally affordable and easy to print. I printed it at the UPS store. 

Did any of you guys have similar experiences during your first trimester? 

Photos: Holly Rochelle she is amazing!

Etsy Pregnancy Announcement

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