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Short & Sweet

We are Having a Baby!!

I am so excited! I took a pregnancy test on a Wednesday night thinking there was no way it would be positive, but guess what is said pregnant! So I drove to the drug store and took four more, sure enough they were all positive! I was so excited but…

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Diablo Lake

Andrew got us a couple’s photoshoot just for fun back in January! It was with our friends who also happen to be amazingly talented photographers (check Lauren Neely out here). We spent the whole day together adventuring up to Diablo Lake. We ate lots of Cheetos, talked about all the…

Short & Sweet

Happy Anniversary Husband

Each year on our anniversary I look back at our wedding photos and wedding video. Each year I am reminded that marrying Andrew was the best decision I ever made. Here are some photos from the best day of our lives. Venue: Thornewood Castle Photographer: Fort Vanity Dress: Dolce Blue…

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In March my dad bought a pickleball net and paddles. It has become one of my favorite summer activities. On Sundays we pile into a car, all seven of us, and drive down to a park nearby. In Seattle there are a number of local parks that have pickleball courts…

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Summer Bucket List:

Here are a few things that are on my summer bucket list: Spend the day paddle boarding on lake Washington and drinking lemonade from Aloha. I actually did this last weekend, it was so fun! The paddle board rental place has a lot of rental options and the process was…

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James Bond

Andrew and I have been watching the James Bond 007 movies lately. It has been such a fun way to hangout together after work. I hardly ever make it to the end of the movie though because I am so tired. I always fall asleep. This happens to me during…

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5 Random Things:

Two of my favorite things about the month of June are peonies and peaches. The market downtown is filled with the prettiest colored peonies and there is always someone giving out slices of juicy peaches, it is truly wonderful. What are your thoughts on eating the top of your wedding…

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Our First Anniversary

I cannot believe we have officially been married a year! For our one year anniversary I thought it would be fun to share something I learned from the last year of marriage. During the last year a lot has happened we moved into our first apartment, Andrew started a new job,…